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 The following testimonials were sent from our customers.  They have been verified to the best of our ability to represent actual facts and events.   All testimonials are voluntary, and do not represent results for each person who takes essiac tea.  We represent essiac tea as a nutritional supplement that may improve ones health by removing toxins and other unwanted substances from the body.  If you have additional questions, please contact us. 

Marie-Louise, Indonesia

 "[my mother in Sweden] promised to continue with essiac, even though she was taking a much smaller dose than recommended.  But she was very skeptical about it, she really didn't really believe in it and she definitely didn't like the taste.  She was expecting the worst, that the tumours would grow and that the cancer would finally kill her. was time again for her to go to the hospital for an examination under anesthetic.  The doctor couldn't find anything on the x-ray (like last time), so they sent her home the day after.  That evening, I received an email from my sister saying that the doctors couldn't find any tumours!!!  Even the blood tests were good.  This is so FANTASTIC!!!

I'd like to thank you very much for your help and advice during these months since I first wrote you about my mother.  I'm so happy that I could get essiac for my Mom, which I believe has helped her a great deal to get rid of the cancer."

Mike, Pennsylvania

 "...there were multiple tumors and it had spread to the lymph nodes in my right side neck.  This was devastating news.  A very close friend told me about the essiac tea.  I found you guys and started the 8 herb tea.

Long story short, I took the chemo, taxil and carbo platin.  Final report - a remarkable recovery.  Only thing left is minor calcification and all normal tissue in lymph nodes.  Truly a miracle!

My blood counts never dropped out of normal range, and what they did drop recovered in about ten days.  Never got sick at any time from the chemo.  First hour was a little rough from pain but after that it was good. "

James, Florida

 "I [have] hepatitis C and although I had no symptoms, my liver enzymes were 3,500,000.  Unfortunately, I had no health insurance to cover the $5000/month treatment.  A friend told me about essiac tea that he takes on a daily basis to maintain his health.  I started taking the tea 2-3 times a day.

About two years later at a follow up visit to see how my liver was functioning, there was a drastic drop in my enzymes.  the nurse imformed me that they were now 553,000!  I advised her I had been drinking essiac tea and milk thistle on a daily basis.  She tried to push off the tought that with God and essiac tea, my liver function had improved greatly.

I will  continue to drink essiac for the rest of my life and have recommended it to people that have crossed my path.  Thank you for a natural herb tea that has helped me drastically."

Brenda, Massachusetts

 "I was diagnosed as having bi-lateral breast cancer.  A double mastectomy was prescribed because of the nature of the cancer.  I opted to have a lumpectomy with lymph node removed for sampling.  There was also cancer found in the tissue surrounding the nodes.  Radiation and chemotherapy were recommended; I chose not to do either.

I began treatment with essiac, 3oz, 3 times a day, and the hormone therapy Tamoxifan.

I noticed a general improvement in the way I AMAS blood test showed I still had some tumor activity.  A month later the test was repeated and came back completely normal.  I also had a mammogram, which showed no signs of tumors.

I will continue a maintenance dose of 3oz of essiac a day.  I have stopped taking the Tamoxifan because of the unknown long term side effects.  I am confident the essiac is what cured me.  I hope and pray it will be available for all those who need it."

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