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essiac for pets


The Problem

  • Nearly 50% of all pets in North America will  develop cancer
  • Most pet cancers are caused by environmental toxins, such as pollution, chemicals, pesticides and preservatives
  • Many pets also suffer from arthritis and gastrointestinal diseases
  • Treatment of pets is EXPENSIVE

The Solution

 Essiac tea can be used as a low-cost alternative supplement to help your pet fight disease.  It is safe and acts much the same way as it does for people.

Essiac may help your pet by

  • Building immune system strength
  • Helping the body to destroy growths and tumors
  • Protecting against free radicals
  • Strengthening muscles, organs and tissue
  • Removing accumulation of toxins, including heavy metals
  • Aiding in bowel detoxification and elimination
  • Purifying blood


 Early detection and prevention are critically important to ensure pet health.  Your pet cannot tell you when he or she is sick, and disease can spread to life-threatening levels before you realize there is a problem.

The best medicine is prevention.  Here are some tips:

  • Regular veterinary checkups are essential
  • A healthy diet must be maintained
  • Exercise your pet regularly - it will be good for both of you!
  • Serve your pet plenty of fresh, filtered water
  • Avoid using chemical cleaners and sprays in the home.  choose or make your own natural cleaning products
  • Do not expose your pet to second-hand cigarette smoke
  • Avoid using pesticides and lawn chemicals where your pet plays
  • Give your pet plenty of love and attention
  • Use essiac tea daily to help build a strong immune system and remove toxins from the body


  •  Up to 15lbs: 1/2oz of tea per day
  • 15 - 40lbs:1/2oz of tea, twice per day

For the above doses, buy 1/2oz packets of essiac formula

  • 40 - 80lbs: 1oz of tea, twice per day
  • 80+ lbs: 2-3oz of tea, twice per day

​​For the above doses, buy 1.3oz packets of essiac formula

Giving Essiac to Your Pet

  •  Administer one hour before or two hours after a meal
  • Direct feeding with a syringe or eye dropper is best if they won't drink it from a bowl
  • If you have to mix with something try a broth first, or mix directly in food as a last resort

Don't wait until you can see there is a problem - be proactive and prevent it